About Us
   It all started in 1917 when my grandfather bought a farm just outside of Detroit, Michigan. He was never a farmer he was what was called a gentleman farmer.  He rented the property to another farmer who farmed it for him.  Years later after my dad had inherited the property.  My father mother brother and I moved to the farm.  My dad was not a farmer either so he started to convert the barn to a shop.  That project would last for 30 years until my brother and I took over the business.  Sadly in the 80's the business went the way most of the industry is going in Michigan. My brother and I inherited the property in the 90's.  So the barn went through another transformation and now it is a house with a real dynamite work shop in the rear. 
  Why am I telling you all this, because I want you to know that you are doing business with someone been around for a while and isn't going any where.
    Growing up making things in a machine shop you are always looking for better ways of doing things.  My brother and I are both woodworkers and what you see on the web site are a few of our ideas.  

We hope you like some of them.
Early picture around 1920

Fast forward  to the 70's

In 2000 the barn/shop becomes a house

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